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How we help

Sarah Moss Mediation provides professional and innovative conflict solutions in the social services sector.

We are dedicated to providing face-to-face services to the regional and remote areas of Western Australia. Based in Broome and with associates in the Pilbra, we know what life in remote WA looks and feels like.


What we do

Mediation           Dispute Resolution         Group Workshops

Our commitment is to deliver professional services with realistic outcomes that benefit every individual is our passion. Working with a diverse range of people and assisting parties to manage complex issues is what we do best.

As a neutral third party we will provide you with avenues to have the dispute resolved in a respectful meaningful and cost-effective manner.

Restorative Justice

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Family Dispute Resolution

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Workplace Mediation

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Comminity Mediation

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Our process

Disputes are experienced in all areas of our lives and where we do not have the ideal expertise inhouse, we will connect with our large network of professionals to
ensure that you receive exceptional service delivery.




Sarah Moss - profile

Assosiate Mediation Practitioner

BMgt, DipKin, TAE40116, AKA, NMAS

Sarah has worked in rural Australia for 35 years in various roles including, agricultural operations, teaching, business management and strategic planning before studying to be a health practitioner.

With extensive experience addressing physiological, biomechanical and psychological principles as a Kinesiologist, Sarah felt it was a natural progression to study Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

As a qualified National Mediation Accreditation System (NMAS) mediation practitioner, Sarah can provide her clients with open-minded and flexible support during the mediation process.

Having worked in various locations throughout Australia, Sarah’s communication shows respect for cultural diversity and is able to develop mutual trust and confidence. Her experience working with youth-at-risk in regional Western Australia has honed her skills of patience and empathy. Sarah acknowledges that everyone has a story and deserves to be supported to see through the emotional cloud that often prohibits from sound decision making. Sarah is non-judgmental and supports clients to be heard.


Sarah enjoys being involved with mediation because it is not about having a winner and a loser. With a focus on improving communication between parties, Sarah is passionate in guiding clients to identify, develop and deliver their own solutions to their disputes.


Sarah offers people in the Kimberley (Western Australia) region a professional and unbiased approach to ensure that they feel empowered with the outcomes.


Due to the current COVID -19 pandemic and National Health recommendations, all sessions will be conducted via video conferencing.

In-person service delivery will re-commence as soon as it is safe to do so.


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